24 Commits (main)

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anela cce19f0240 insertStoryIntoFavorites and removedStoryFromFavorites are working functions 8 months ago
Jason aa52a1701b working through delete request through api 2 years ago
anela 067c676793 updated POST request to API for insertStoryIntoFavorites 2 years ago
Jason f9176cc7df getting rid of a parameter 2 years ago
Jason e26870a3f6 working through api call to create favorites 2 years ago
anela 7237e64b34 editing and updated doc string for getNewStoryAndSubmit 2 years ago
anela bbc1b91b23 getNewStoryAndSubmit removes form and displays 2 years ago
Jason 287b626d07 refactoring code to make sure 2b is to spec 2 years ago
anela 08bddfdfd3 start of refactoring getNewStoryAndSubmit 2 years ago
anela fd28b7dd19 addStory unshifts new Story to stories array 2 years ago
Jason 8673a7fdad work finished through 2b on exercise checklist 2 years ago
anela b18ee4e062 got getNewStoryAndSubmit working without clearing page. Added event listener for 2 years ago
Jason 6b42e4b64c working to update article form submission functionality 2 years ago
anela 2a330ba28d created navSubmitClick 2 years ago
Jason 0ad07d199c working on html add story form 2 years ago
anela 564a07c558 updated code 2 years ago
anela 813ead675a addStory returns instance of Story 2 years ago
Jason 40f5f1b48a working through return instance of story bug 2 years ago
Jason be49f25787 working through axios bug 2 years ago
anela f20ecef97d debugging bad credentials 2 years ago
Jason 6f3f59e19c testing function addStory 2 years ago
anela 0ff9b8b1ea start code for addStory 2 years ago
Jason 3832eef4b8 initial commit 2 years ago
anela 1f80e8b35f initial commit of source code 2 years ago