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#+TITLE: DarkLimericks
#+TITLE: RhymeStorm™
* WGU Evaluator Notes
See [[file:web/README_WGU.org][the WGU Readme]].
* How To Initialize Development Environment
* Development

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* WGU Evaluator Notes
Hello! I hope you enjoy your time with this evaluation!
Here's a quick introduction to help you navigate this project.
The document you are reading now contains or points to each of the requirements listed at the course task overview page for C964.
The section immediately following this contains notes on how to view and run the software locally. In addition, I'm hosting a demo of the application at https://darklimericks.com/wgu.
After I describe the steps to initialize a development environment, you'll find a [[Letter Of Transmittal]], [[#executive-summary][Technical Executive Summary]], [[#requirements-documentation][links to the final product and details of how it meets each requirement]], and the [[#remaining-documentation][remaining required documentation]].
* Evaluation Technical Documentation
** How To Initialize Development Environment
*** Required Software
- [[https://www.docker.com/][Docker]]
- [[https://clojure.org/releases/downloads][Clojure Version 1.10+]]
- [[https://nodejs.org/en/download/][NodeJS]]
** How To Run Software Locally
*** Requirements
- [[https://www.java.com/download/ie_manual.jsp][Java]]
- [[https://www.docker.com/][Docker]]
*** Steps
1. Run ~./db/run.sh && ./kv/run.sh~ to start the docker containers for the database and key-value store.
2. Navigate to the root directory of this git repo and run ~java -jar darklimericks-dev.jar~
3. Visit http://localhost:8000/wgu
* A. Letter Of Transmittal
** Problem Summary
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I've also been writing limericks my entire life and hold the International Limerick Imaginative Enthusiast's ILIE award for the years 2013 and 2019.
* B. Executive Summary - RhymeStorm™ Technical Notes And Requirements
:CUSTOM_ID: executive-summary
Write an executive summary directed to IT professionals that addresses each of the following requirements:
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| 6 | 2021-08-21 | 2021-09-07 | QA - Testing - Deploy And Release Web App |
* C. RhymeStormg™ Capstone Requirements Documentation
:CUSTOM_ID: requirements-documentation
RhymeStorm™ is an application to help singers and songwriters brainstorm new lyrics.
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* D. Documentation
:CUSTOM_ID: remaining-documentation
Create each of the following forms of documentation for the product you have developed:
@ -686,6 +730,14 @@ Create each of the following forms of documentation for the product you have dev
Provide rhyming lyric suggestions optionally constrained by syllable count.
*** Requirements
- [ ] Given a word or phrase, suggest rhymes (ranked by quality) (Trie)
- [ ] Given a word or phrase, suggest lyric completion (Hidden Markov Model)
+ [ ] Restrict suggestion by syllable count
+ [ ] Restrict suggestion by rhyme quality
+ [ ] Show graph of suggestions with perplexity on one axis and rhyme quality on the other
** Data Sets
See ~resources/darklyrics-markov.tpt~